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Dr Oseka Onuma, Gynaecologist & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr Onuma believes that the common expression, “It’s all part of being a woman,” is simply paying lip service and another way of saying, “So just put up with it.” But why should women “just put up with it” when they have options?

Dr Onuma introduced a modern, female focussed approach to labial, vaginal and sexual function surgery to Australia in 2005. Over 30 years of experience, outstanding results and internationally recognised expertise in female pelvic floor surgery and cosmetic gynaecology have led to women travelling from the USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, India, as well as every Australian state and territory to have their surgery and treatments performed by Dr Oseka Onuma, in Adelaide, Australia.

Dr Onuma is the author of So, You Want A Labiaplasty and The Ultimate V. These books are unique and aimed at women considering their options for labial, vaginal and pelvic floor improvement.

“I am dedicated to empowering women through knowledge, choice and world class care. My outcome measure is, looking good, feeling great.”

Dr Oseka Onuma

Feeling heard and understood will be your first and ongoing experience with Dr Onuma.

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‘So, You Want A Labiaplasty’ and ‘The Ultimate V’

The information contained in my books will empower you when discussing your own unique circumstances with your surgeon.

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