Bowel preparation for major laparoscopic or open surgery

The Australian Centre for Female Pelvic and Vaginal Rejuvenation
The Australian Centre for Female Pelvic and Vaginal Rejuvenation

Laparoscopic and open surgeries have a number of associated risks. One of these is injury to the bowel. In order to reduce the risk of this occurring and also better managing an injury should it occur, bowel preparation is used prior to surgery to empty the bowel.

Regular Medications can be taken during the preparation period.


If you are a diabetic on insulin, please contact Dr Onuma at his rooms, as you may require different preparation instructions.

 If you are a diabetic controlled with tablets, after 6pm the day before your operation, you should halve your usual dosage of tablets and check your blood sugar during the day. If they indicate low blood sugar, you should take some form of sugar to maintain your blood sugar levels.

 Before using of Picolax/ColonLYTELY/Picoprep there are NO dietary restrictions. Either can obtained from the pharmacist without a prescription. *Whilst taking Picolax/ColonLYTELY/Picoprep you are likely to find it inconvenient to go to work. Sometimes the bowel preparation may still be active when you come into hospital.


Timing of Picolax/ColonLYTELY/Picoprep can be adjusted to your circumstances:


At either 2pm or 5pm on the day before surgery take one packet of Picolax/ColonLYTELY and mix it as instructed on the packet. The mixture is more palatable if it is chilled in a refrigerator before ingestion. In the hour after drinking the preparation, drink at least two or three glasses of plain water. (*This may cause urgent diarrhoea). Once you have taken the Picolax/ColonLYTELYyou can eat and drink as you wish until your food and fluid fasting times begin.

The timing of your last fluid and solid intake prior to the operation will depend on the time of your operation and will be discussed with you.

If you have not effectively opened your bowels by 4hrs after the first preparation then repeat the procedure with the second packet of Picolax/ColonLYTELY. Follow this again with several glasses of plain water taking into account your fluid fasting time.

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