Day case surgery

The Australian Centre for Female Pelvic and Vaginal Rejuvenation
The Australian Centre for Female Pelvic and Vaginal Rejuvenation

Day case surgery implies that you will go home on the day of your surgery. If you do go home on the same day as surgery you will need to have a responsible adult with you overnight. It is important that a responsible adult collects you from the hospital after your surgery.

  • Occasionally, after day case surgery, the requirement for pain relief, anti-nausea medication, monitoring of your bladder function or other medical indications may necessitate an overnight stay in hospital. If you do stay in overnight, in most cases, you will be allowed home in the morning without medical review.


  • It is unlikely that Dr Onuma will talk to you about your surgery before you leave the hospital. This is because:
    • Most people do not remember the detail of conversations made shortly after they have had an anaesthetic.
    • Tissues samples may have been sent to the lab for analysis. The results of these may be an important factor in the discussion about the outcome of surgery and any further management required.
    • As you have waited to have your surgical procedure, there are likely to be other patients waiting to have their surgery. Dr Onuma prefers to continue operating so that the waiting time of other patients is kept to a minimum.


  • For the reasons given above, you will always be offered a follow-up appointment to review your progress, discuss the outcome of this surgery and any further changes to the management of your condition. It is Dr Onuma’s practice to arrange your followup appointment at the time of your consent for surgery appointment.


  • For at least 24 hours after your surgery:
    • Do not drive a motor vehicle. Police prosecution may result, and your insurance may not cover you.
    • Avoid alcohol or sedative drugs that have not been authorised by your surgeon or anaesthetist.
    • Avoid making important decisions or signing important documents.
    • Do not cook or use machinery. This includes operating household appliances such as a washing machine.
    • Do not engage in sports, heavy work or lifting.
    • Do not travel alone or by public transport.
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