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Discussion & Advice

The Australian Centre for Female Pelvic and Vaginal Rejuvenation
The Australian Centre for Female Pelvic and Vaginal Rejuvenation


discussion should take place at several points during a consultation. Whilst taking a history about the complaint it may be pertinent to explore the nature of the problem through discussion and to elucidate the impact of the problem on quality of life. A discussion is not limited to you and your doctor. Some people find it valuable to attend with a support person (relative or friend).

To discuss is to talk, but with a more serious intent. Discussing is a lot more substantial than chatting.

At the end of the history taking and examination, a discussion can take place about the diagnosis, the investigations required and the potential options for further treatment. It is during discussion that you are able to exchange and explore ideas with Dr Onuma.


The final decision about what happens next depends on you. Really it does – in a practical, ethical or legal context that is absolutely correct. You need to decide about how you wish to be treated, the options that you feel are most suitable to you in your particular circumstance. You have the option of doing nothing at all and accepting the consequences of that, whatever they may be.

Advice is an opinion that someone gives you about the best thing to do in a particular situation.

The relative risks and benefits of various courses of action will be discussed with you by Dr Onuma. It is up to you to choose a particular course of action. Some patients appear to want their doctors to make the decisions for them. Only in particularly unique circumstances will Dr Onuma direct his patients in any particular direction.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Adelaide
Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Adelaide