Improve Vaginal/Clitoral Sensation


“Female sexual function is complex and as some of my patients don’t get tired of saying, ‘the best things are.’ The impression of sensation is one part of that complex equation. It is very individual and only experienced on a personal level. Descriptions can be very helpful in sharing those experiences, but they are like colours; no guarantee that what one person is seeing as blue is the same as another person reporting that they also see blue.

Sensation is influenced by numerous internal and external factors. It is also modified by pain in the vaginal area or any other part of the body. My approach to improving sensation in the pelvic floor takes into account what has changed, when it changed with an exploration of any contributing factors, including pain.”

Dr Onuma is the author of So, You Want A Labiaplasty and The Ultimate V. These books are unique and aimed at women considering their options for labial, vaginal and pelvic floor improvement.

Some of the factors that influence sensation include:


  • Hormonal status
    • Post pregnancy
    • Menopause and perimenopause
    • Oestrogen/Testosterone/Thyroxine
  • Psychological health
  • Nerve function
  • Quality and function of pelvic floor connective tissue
  • Obstructive factors
    • Stenosis/scar tissue inside the vagina or at the entrance
    • Reduced access to clitoris due to excess labial tissue


  • Pain
    • At the vaginal entrance
    • Inside the vagina
    • At the top of the vagina
    • Chronic pain outside the pelvic floor
  • Social relationships
  • Environment

Menopause is associated with:

  • Reduced discharge and secretions
  • Thinning of vaginal epithelial layers
  • Reduced blood flow
  • Shortening and loss of vaginal elasticity

These changes are largely related to reduced oestrogen in the pelvic floor. However, the role played by testosterone in women is often underestimated and ignored. Testosterone is important for both men and women:

  • Motivation
  • Desire
  • Sexual sensation

Women have their highest circulating testosterone levels when in their mid-20s. The levels decline from there reaching about 50% of their peak levels in their 50s.

Options to allow you to improve clitoral and vaginal sensation are listed below:


  • Vaginoplasty
    • Vaginal wall reconstruction
    • Perineal body ± perineum reconstruction
  • Labial reduction
    • Labiaplasty
    • Periclitoralplasty
  • Scar division
  • Fenton’s repair


  • Laser vaginal treatment
  • Hormone replacement therapy
    • Systemic/Local
    • Oestrogen/Testosterone
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment
    • Vaginal
    • Clitoral
    • G-spot augmentation

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