Vaginal Tightening


“The impression of the vagina feeling loose after pregnancy and childbirth is so common that most women put up with the distressing symptoms because they are embarrassed, are under the impression that nothing can be done about it and think that they are alone. When some strike up the courage to seek medical help they are often patronised, told that it is all part of being a woman and told to keep doing their Kegels.

When you see me about these issues it will be clear that I understand what you are experiencing. I will discuss with you reduced sensation during intercourse, reduced ability or inability to achieve orgasm, where the vagina feels open and loose. Nothing will be left out, even the vaginal flatus which makes you embarrassed to be out in public.”

Dr Onuma is the author of So, You Want A Labiaplasty and The Ultimate V. These books are unique and aimed at women considering their options for labial, vaginal and pelvic floor improvement.

A typical patient email enquiry:

‘I never regained the vaginal tone, or pelvic floor strength that I had before, despite doing regular pelvic floor exercises. I immediately noticed a change in the appearance and the size of the vaginal opening, and this has really distressed me since. Most disturbingly, my enjoyment of sex has greatly diminished because of the lack of tone in my vaginal muscles. Of course, after having my second child nine months ago, my situation got worse.’

Tailored, individual treatments will be discussed based on your personal circumstances.


  • Vaginoplasty
    • Vaginal wall reconstruction
    • Perineal body ± perineum reconstruction


  • Laser vaginal treatment
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment

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