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Dr Onuma is not perfect, but he is a perfectionist. He takes the outcomes achieved for his patients personally and places the highest priority on achieving the best possible results from your surgery and treatments. Every consideration is made with the aim that your experiences and outcomes meet your expectations. There is no false economy or cutting corners in his practice. Your priorities, improving your quality of life, safely, effectively, and durably are Dr Onuma’s goals.

Dr Onuma is the author of So, You Want A Labiaplasty and The Ultimate V. These books are unique and aimed at women considering their options for labial, vaginal and pelvic floor improvement.


A first consultation with Dr Onuma is a thorough, detailed process which takes between 60-90 minutes. Review consultations can take up to 50 minutes. Professional fees are charged according to the duration and complexity of the consultation. A referral letter from your local doctor is most often beneficial (financially and for the continuity of care) and advisable (but not always essential).

Surgery costs

You will be provided with a quote for surgery after your consultation with Dr Onuma. This will include a breakdown of fees so that it is clear what charges are associated such as hospital, anaesthesia, surgical assistant, and any prosthesis cost in addition to Dr Onuma’s fees. Most procedures will have an applicable rebate item number. If you have private health insurance (hospital cover) then this may cover a portion of total costs. If you do not have any private health insurance, then a quote from the hospital will be obtained on your behalf by Dr Onuma’s staff.

Dr Onuma’s professional fee is calculated according to the nature, duration, and complexity of your requested procedures. This fee includes routine aftercare within 6 weeks of surgery.

Non-Surgical treatment costs

Dr Onuma offers a variety of specialised treatments to improve pelvic floor function. The indication for the proposed treatment will be thoroughly discussed with you so that you understand how it may help with your concerns. You will be provided with a cost estimate for any proposed treatment.


Dr Onuma believes that the outcome of surgery is a team effort, involving his patient and the team gathered around him to deliver care. He is demanding of himself, his patients, and his team. Probing questions, detailed examination, appropriate investigations, individually tailored treatments, and a thorough consent process are what his patients will experience when under his care.

Following your personal pre- and post-surgery instructions begins with listening to the guidance, reading the literature provided and being prepared to clarify with questions anything that you do not understand. The success of your treatments and surgery is also in your hands. The nature of the healing process for the specific treatment/surgery will be discussed with you by Dr Onuma so that you are able to identify early any deviation from what is expected and seek early intervention.

Dr Onuma will provide you with clear instructions on returning to work, exercise, and social activities. They are tailored for your specific surgery, taking into account your general health/fitness and the nature of your work and working environment.

Potential Risks

Every medical procedure, medical treatment and surgery has associated general and specific risks. To reduce the risk of complications, Dr Onuma is meticulous in his practice, taking every reasonable precaution throughout your preparation for surgery, during surgery &/or treatment and in your aftercare.

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