“The hymen has a vast variety of appearances and will appear differently in the same person at different times of their lives and, between individuals at the same age. Despite persisting cultural mythology, it is not actually possible to determine if a woman is a virgin based on the state of her hymen. An intact hymen is regarded in many cultures as evidence of virginity where no assessment or requirement of male virginity is required. I perform hymen restoration for cultural reasons. For women caught between the traditions of their past and the reality of their lives today, this procedure may offer an alternative to dishonour, or even death. Hymen reduction is less controversial, but I apply the same degree of expertise and skill to produce a vaginal entrance, scar free, comfortable for intercourse and looks normal.”

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty can either mean repair (restoration/reconstruction) or reduction of the hymen or hymenal remnants.

Excellence in Form and Function. Prevent, Treat and Maintain.

Dr Oseka Onuma is an expert hymenoplasty surgeon.

When restoration is performed, his technique leaves no trace of surgery having been performed. When the hymen is reduced his skill and experience reduces the risk of scar tissue and leaves a natural, aesthetic appearance to the vaginal entrance.

Confidentiality is a key part of his practice. Your information remains private.

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