Mons Pubis Reduction


“The most effective way to reduce the size of the mons pubis in many overweight women is by sensible weight loss. However, this is not universally effective. Isolated enlargement of the mons pubis is common. In my practice I see many women who have undergone an abdominoplasty resolve abdominal overhang without any reduction of the mons pubis. I am consulted by women who are of normal size and weight but who are bothered by a prominent mons pubis. My technique for mons pubis reduction eliminates the excess skin and fat, leaving a single scar well below the bikini line.”

Dr Onuma is the author of So, You Want A Labiaplasty and The Ultimate V. These books are unique and aimed at women considering their options for labial, vaginal and pelvic floor improvement.

The mons pubis is contiguous with the vulva and, inferiorly, divides into the labia majora. It is a naturally prominent structure that lies in front of the pubic symphysis (the part of the bony pelvis that can be felt at the lowest aspect of the abdomen). The skin is heavily laden with hair follicles and beneath the skin the content is mostly fatty tissue. There are very few nerves within the fatty tissue but there is an abundance of blood vessels.

Prominence of the mons pubis is not exclusive to women with a raised BMI. It also occurs in women considered to be in the normal weight range (for their height), particularly in those who have been previously overweight. Extra fat deposition in these areas can be particularly stubborn to shift even after effective overall weight loss.

Liposuction as an isolated procedure is not always suitable for mons pubis reduction as removal of fat alone often results in an excess of loose skin on the surface.

Surgical reduction is the most effective means of reducing the overall size of the mons pubis.

Dr Oseka Onuma is an internationally recognised expert in mons pubis reduction.

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