Sexual Function Surgery


“Female sexual function is very complex. When there is an abnormality that impacts negatively on the affected woman this is sexual dysfunction and a personal distress component becomes manifested. Physical, hormonal, and psychological factors influence sexual function. Careful exploration, discussion and investigation of your concerns will allow me to tailor surgery and any other treatments to your circumstances.”

Dr Onuma is the author of So, You Want A Labiaplasty and The Ultimate V. These books are unique and aimed at women considering their options for labial, vaginal and pelvic floor improvement.

What is sexual function surgery?

Surgery for sexual dysfunction improves sexual dysfunction disorders that have their root in a physically identifiable cause. To achieve this, the principle of surgery is to restore anatomy to as close to normal as possible.

Excellence in Form and Function. Prevent, Treat and Maintain.

Dr Oseka Onuma has a particular interest and expertise in female sexual function disorders that have a physical basis in the pelvic area. He regularly performs surgery and treatments to alleviate the conditions that have resulted in sexual dysfunction. Dr Onuma is highly trained and experienced in both surgical and non-surgical techniques aimed at restoring pelvic floor sexual function.

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