So, You Want A Labiaplasty


Labia minora reduction is the most requested surgery on the female external genitalia. Although hidden from view, the impact of surgical correction of thickened, elongated, uncomfortable and ‘unsightly’ labia on the self-confidence of the individual patient cannot be underestimated. ‘So, you want a labiaplasty’ is mainly intended as a resource of essential information for any person considering labial surgery. It fills a void in relevant and comprehensive information for patients seeking to have labiaplasty surgery and doctors making referrals on behalf of their patients. This book will help the reader to better understand the anatomy of the female external genitalia, their concerns regarding labiaplasty, and the options available to them.

This 313-page book is filled with detailed, relevant, annotated photographs which will educate and reassure the reader of the wide range of normality of the female external genital whilst providing a template for understanding what labiaplasty is and the essential, unblemished information that is required to navigate to a successful outcome. The information in this book will empower the reader when discussing their own unique circumstances with their surgeon.

Dr Onuma is an internationally recognised gynaecologist and pelvic reconstructive surgeon with a special interest in female genital sexual function and cosmetic gynaecology. Women have travelled from the USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, India, as well as every Australian state and territory to have their surgery and treatments performed by Dr Oseka Onuma, in Adelaide, Australia. Dr Onuma believes that the common expression “it’s all part of being a woman” is simply paying lip service and another way of saying, “so just put up with it.” But why should women “just put up with it” when they have options?

Dr Onuma is dedicated to empowering women through knowledge, choice, and world class care. His outcome measure is “looking good, feeling great.”