“The Ultimate V” – A book and thesis by Dr Onuma


Myths about female genital form and function abound. They interfere with patients getting access to expert pelvic floor healthcare. Myths have no place in the practice of medicine.

‘The Ultimate V’ is a resource of information for any woman considering vulvo-vaginal improvement. It is not a substitute for direct and appropriate discussions with a suitably qualified expert surgeon. It does, I hope, speak your language and help you to better understand the different problems and concerns expressed by numerous women and what options might be appropriate for you. When things don’t seem quite right, you are not alone. You are treading in the experiences of numerous women, but the journey is yours to take, in your own time. I hope that the information in this book empowers you when discussing your own unique circumstances with your surgeon.

Dr Onuma is an internationally recognised gynaecologist and pelvic reconstructive surgeon with a special interest in female genital sexual function. He qualified in medicine at University College and Middlesex Hospitals, University of London, obtained an honours degree in Pharmacology from the University of Leeds and a Master of Jurisprudence from the Faculty of Law, University of Birmingham. He has travelled extensively around the world working with his peers at the cutting edge of medicine and teaching advanced pelvic reconstructive surgery.

Dr Onuma introduced a modern, female focussed approach to labial, vaginal and sexual function surgery to Australia in 2005. His Internationally recognised expertise has led to women travelling from the USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, India, as well as every Australian state and territory to have their surgery and treatments performed by him, in Adelaide, Australia. He believes that the common expression “it’s all part of being a woman” is simply paying lip service and another way of saying, “so just put up with it”. But why should women “just put up with it” when they have options? Dr Onuma is dedicated to empowering women through knowledge, choice, and world class care.”